The Story of Handmade & Organic

The story of Handmade & Organic is the story of Johan Bülow anno 2007. Back then, he was still working in his mother's kitchen on Bornholm, dreaming oft making the world's first gourmet liquorice. His expectations for the project were sky-high, and for months he struggled to get the sticky, brown mixture in the bottom of the pan to resemble, and taste like liquorice.

He succeeded, and began selling hand-rolled liquorice – cut into chunks with a pizza cutter – from his small shop in Svaneke. The liquorice was boiled in an open pan and had a caramel-like bite and an intense flavour, which was a pure delight for liquorice lovers.

The demand for Johan’s gourmet liquorice increased explosively, and he soon realised, that the pan and pizza cutter could not keep up with the demand. As a result, a liquorice factory was established in Copenhagen, where the liquorice was boiled under pressure, and produced at a rate that could meet the growing demand.   It was at this factory that No.1, No.2 and the choc-coated liquorice were developed. Throughout the growing success of liquorice adventure, the original product– the first long-cooked liquorice from Svaneke, has always held a special place in Johan’s heart.

Therefore, we have created Handmade & Organic. A liquorice based on Johan’s original recipe, developed with the knowledge and the facilities that the company has today. Handmade & Organic is also cooked in an open pan, but unlike the original pan in Svaneke, the pan we use now is bigger. Much bigger. So big that there is enough for everyone. The liquorice is cooked exclusively from organic products, which are the result of a worldwide search for the perfect ingredients. We are particularly proud of the dark agave syrup, the creamy cocoa butter and the organic liquorice roots from Iran. We dare promise, that no other liquorice – worldwide – is cooked from such luxurious ingredients.

See photos from the production of Handmade & Organic here

LUXURIOUS PRODUCTS. The liquorice is cooked exclusively from organic ingredients, which we have found around the world. Including cocoa butter from Peru, agave syrup from Mexico and liquorice roots from Iran. 

SLOW COOKED. The liquorice mass is slow cooked for up to 4 hours in an open pan. It gives the liquorice a caramel-like texture and concentrated flavour. 

BACK TO THE ROOTS. When Johan made his first liquorice back in 2007, the production took place in a small, open pan. Today we have a custom-made large, open pan.

COOLING. After the liquorice is cooked, it is cooled for 4 hours, until cool enough to handle.

HANDMADE IN COPENHAGEN. We produce all our liquorice in our factory, located on Avedøre Holme just outside Copenhagen. Johan has previously had production facilities in Taastrup and Svaneke.

100 YEAR OLD TECHNOLOGY. The cooled liquorice is machine rolled into long, round strips. This technique has been utilised in sweet boiling for more than 100 years. We are the first to use the technology to make liquorice.

10,000 BITES PER HOUR. Back in 2007, Johan cut all the liquorice with a pizza cutter. Today, we have invested in a fully automatic knife that can cut up to 10,000 liquorice bites per hour. 

MANUAL PACKING. We pack each box of Handmade & Organic manually. The box is designed to fit comfortably in your pocket or handbag.

3 VARIETIES. MORE TO COME. There are currently three varieties in our Handmade & Organic Series: SWEET, GINGER and CHILI. We are currently working on a caramel variety.