Which wines go well with SUMMER?

The wine connoisseur, Anne E. Hansen is head of booktjerner.nu and has 13 years’ experience as a restaurant manager, waiter and speaker. Here she comes up with 3 suggestions for delicious wines that work fantastically with the taste of SUMMER liquorice.

Bepin De Eto, Spumante, Italy.
“This beauty not only looks terrific, it also tastes wonderful. The wine is made from 100% high quality Chardonnay grapes, grown in Bepin De Eto’s own vineyards near Venice and the Adriatic Sea. The wine is bubbly, light and fresh.”

Lurton Viognier, France.
“A high quality French white wine made from 100% Voignier grapes with a rich fragrance of white flowers, Cantaloupe melon and nectarine. It has a mellow, rounded, fruity taste and is a guaranteed summer crowd-pleaser.”

Moscato d’Asti, Il Falchetto, Italy.
“When it comes to sweet liquorice, you can’t deny the merits of an Asti. It’s the perfect match. The bottle is pretty, and Asti just cries out for SUMMER liquorice, especially for festive events such as weddings or receptions.”