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Grøn & Hvid  – 
Somewhere a little North of your comfort zone

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The recipe is made by Alexander Banck-Petersen. 
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You know those days when you feel like venturing a little north of your comfort zone… “Grøn & Hvid” is for one of those days. You’ll find it in the “Nordic Cocktails” section of the Lidkoeb menu. It might not be your first pick, but it should be. Have a go at it while your mind and taste buds are still open, receptive and untainted by your default orders. You’ll be surprised. But that’s what we want when we venture into yet untrodden territory, right? You might discover that this daring mix of dill and white chocolate is absolutely delightful.

• 3 cl dill aquavit
• 3 cl Creme de Cacao
• 2 cl white chocolate cream (melted white chocolate mixed with whole cream)

Shake with ice and serve in a cocktail glass. Dust with raw liquorice powder.

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