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Liquorice Granita

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(500 ml)

• 5dl boiling water
• 2 Johan Bülow Camomile Teabags
• 1½ tbsp Johan Bülow Salty Liquorice Syrup
• 15g sugar (optional)

Pour the boiling water onto the teabags and leave to brew for 5 minutes. Add liquorice syrup and sugar stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Pour the mixture into a shallow baking tray and place in the freezer for 4 hours. Stir with a fork every hour paying special attention to the sides, until the whole mixture is a mass of ice crystals.
Serve the granita in pre-chilled glasses with a sprinkling of liquorice powder.

With the delicate taste of camomile, liquorice root and salty liquorice syrup, this granita can be used to cleanse the palate between courses or as a refreshing alternative to ice cream.

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