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Erik the Red - First bonds between the Nordic countries and the Americas

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The recipe is made by Thomas Klem Andersen from

• 3 cl Bourbon
• 2 cl Linie Aquavit
• 3 cl Akacia Honey
• 3 cl lemon juice
• 3 raspberries
• ½ tsp good quality Lakrids by Johan Bülow raw liquorice powder

Mix the honey with sugar syrup 2:1 to make it pourable. Muddle the raspberries with the liquorice powder. Shake hard and serve on the rocks. Garnish with a liquorice pipe or a lemon peel on a skewer serving as a sail for Erik.

Owing its name to the Norwegian viking Erik the Red who started the adventurous journey across the Atlanti, this cocktail binds together the Nordic countries and the Americas.

Helan går – Enjoy!

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