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The recipe is made by Humberto Marques from Curfew

Photos and text is from www.cocktailsofcopenhagen.dk


• 5 cl Hendricks gin
• 4 slices of cucumber
• 1 cl Cointreau 
• 3 cl fresh squeezed lemon juice 
• 2 cl honey 
• 1/2 bar spoon of Johan Bülow Raw Liquorice Powder

Muddle, shake and fine strain into a vintage Cocktail glass Garnish: Liquorice stick

A coffee like body and a raw liqourice stick as garnish. This cocktail builds up expectations. When it hits the tongue however it’s nothing like what you expect…

It is not easy to distinguish what makes up the mix. And no wonder. The distinguishing flavors are made up by cucumber and liqourice – a peculiar mix that works surprisingly well.

Imagine a miracle musk; a magical cologne that can ensnare women. No such secret formula exists, of course, but the right scents can put a woman in the mood. And the Unfaithful might do just that!

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