Blackcurrant tart with LIQUORICE custard 0 Comments

Blackcurrant tart with LIQUORICE custard

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The recipe is made in cooperation with baker Nichlas
 Jaime Frese og confectioner Kathrine Velin Hansen

Biscuit Base
• 50 g graham flour or whole wheat
• 200 g oatmeal biscuits
• 60 g brown sugar
• 2 g vanilla sugar
• 100 g soft butter

Liquorice Custard
• 10 g Johan Bülow Fine Liquorice Powder
• 50 g Johan Bülow Salty Liquorice Syrup
• 3 dl condensed milk
• 1 dl water
• 150 g egg yolks
• 20 g lemon juice

Blackcurrant Topping 
• 65 g sugar
• 160 g frozen blackcurrants
• 1 sheet of gelatine

Biscuit Bottom
Mix all the ingredients and press the mixture into a 20 cm baking 
tin and about 3 cms up the sides, creating a compact base.
Bake for 8 min. at 180° C.

Liquorice Custard
Mix all the ingredients and pour onto the pre-baked base.
for another 8 min. at 180° C.
Let the custard cool down.

Blackcurrant Topping
Boil blackcurrants and sugar together leaving a few whole berries
 in the mixture.
Put the gelatine in cold water to dissolve.

Soften the gelatin sheets in cold water for a few minutes.
Squeeze out the excess water and ass to the blackcurrants, stirring until dissolved.
Decorate with meringues.

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