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The recipe is made in cooperation with baker Nichlas Jaime Frese og confectioner Kathrine Velin Hansen

• 575 g Italian wheat flour
• 50 g spelt flour
• 50 g roasted sesame seeds
• 30 g Johan Bülow Salty Liquorice Syrup
• 1 0g yeast
• 22 g salt
• 30 g colza oil
• 3 dl Liquorice Stout
• 2 dl water
• 10 g Johan Bülow Fine Liquorice Powder
• 225 g sour dough (mix equal amounts of wheat flour and water with 2% yeast and let it rest for 24 hours at 22-27° C)

Mix sour dough, water, beer and oil.
Pour wheat flour, spelt flour and yeast into a mixing bowl.
Add ¾ of the liquid mix.
Knead to a homogenous dough, add the rest of the liquid mix and knead the dough for an extra 10 min.
Add the remaining ingredients.
Split the dough in two and put it in two bowls sprinkled with flour and place in a cold place overnight.
Take the dough out and bake in a hot air oven at 230° C for ca. 30 min.

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