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Peach Melba Champagne Cocktail

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The recipe is made by Cocktails of Copenhagen

This champagne cocktail wonderfully combines the softness of peach liqueur with the mild tartness of raspberry, both adding layers to the timeless experience of real champagne. The mix is inspired by the classic dessert “Peach Melba” which was invented in 1892 by the French chef Auguste Escoffier at the Savoy Hotel in London, to honour the Australian soprano queen Nellie Melba. A dash of Raw Liquorice Powder completes the experience.

2 cl Peach liqueur (e.g. Merlet Creme de Peche de Vigne)
2 cl Raspberry juice (e.g. from Bornholms Mosteri)
1 cl vodka

Johan Bülow Raw Liquorice Powder
Fresh raspberries

Cocktail or champagne glass

Stir the peach liqueur, raspberry juice and vodka with ice and strain into a cocktail or champagne glass. Top with champagne and garnish with Raw Liquorice Powder and two raspberries on a skewer.

Best enjoyed with a ball of our SUMMER liquorice on the side.

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