Pear Ice Tea with Chocolate and Liquorice 0 Comments

Pear Icetea with Chocolate and Liquorice 

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The recipe is created by Markus Hummel from
(Serves 4)

8cl chocolate syrup
3 teaspoons Sweet Liquorice Syrup
200ml hot water
1 pear, diced
200ml of water
2 tsp Earl Grey tea
2 tsp Raw Liquorice Powder
Ice cubes

Put the chocolate syrup and pears in the carafe.  Mix the Sweet Liquorice Syrup with 200ml of hot water and pour into the carafe. Half fill the carafe with ice cubes.  Make 200ml Earl Grey Tea and leave to brew for 10 minutes before pouring it into the carafe.  Leave to cool.  Put the Raw Liquorice Powder on a small plate, and dip the top of a moist glass into the powder to decorate the rim.