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GINGER Organic Liquorice

To be fully understood, Johan Bülow’s Handmade & Organic liquorice has to be tasted. Made with premium, handpicked ingredients and superior craftsmanship, these bites will make you forget everything you thought you knew about liquorice. Our organic liquorice has been slow-cooked for up to 4 hours. The slow-cooking process gives a caramel-like texture and a fantastic, concentrated flavour that’s impossible for true liquorice lovers to resist. The recipe for Handmade & Organic is based on the very first batch of liquorice Johan cooked on Bornholm back in 2007. We have reinvented the original recipe, using the knowledge and the facilities we have today – exclusively with organic ingredients. This has sent us on a worldwide search for the right ingredients. Among the new components we are particularly proud of, are a smooth and creamy cocoa butter from Peru, a deep and rich agave syrup from Mexico, and of course the organic liquorice roots from Iran. We can promise that no other liquorice worldwide, is being cooked from such luxurious ingredients. This variety is with sun-dried ginger from India. 50 g

Ingredients: treacle*, rice flour*, cane sugar*, agave syrup*, glucose syrup*, 5.1 % raw liquorice*, cocoa butter*, sunflower oil*, stabilizer: gum Arabic*, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, 0,8 % salt, 0.8 % ginger* (dried), glazing agent: beeswax*, natural anise oil

Nutrition information pr. 100 g
Energy 1570 kJ / 370 kcal
Fat 4.5 g
   Hence saturated fat 0.5 g
Carbonhydrate 81 g
   Hence sugar 36 g
Protein 1.5 g
Salt 1 g

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