4 x choc coated Liquorice LOVE/EASTER Edition


4 x choc coated Liquorice LOVE/EASTER Edition

LOVE – Raspberry Choc Coated Chili Liquorice
With these flavour-packed mouthfuls, you get to experience a broad variety of taste sensations. First the intriguing taste of raspberry, followed by the intensity of dark chocolate, and then – just when you thought the ride was over – the tickling heat of Habanero chili liquorice swirls around your taste buds. 150 g

LOVE – Blackcurrant Choc Coated Liquorice
Always leave room for the small indulgences in life. That’s the idea behind our blackcurrant-infused, white chocolate covered LOVE liquorice. We’re talking pure, heart-melting bliss. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and all the days in between. 150 g

EGG – Dulce de Leche Choc Coated Liquorice
Treat yourself and your loved ones to our sensational EGG liquorice this Easter. Each silver speckled mouthful consists of soft liquorice, silky smooth French dulce de leche chocolate, and a punch from our Raw Liquorice Powder to tickle your taste buds. In 2015 EGG won ”The Liquorice Taste Award” at the Liquorice Festival in Copenhagen. Happy Easter!

EASTER – Dark & Passion Choc Coated Liquorice
Our limited EASTER edition liquorice is a true connoisseur’s choice, coated in deluxe dark chocolate from Belgium and aromatic passion fruit for a simply irresistible tasting experience. A delicious Easter holiday treat, this luxurious liquorice is perfect for sharing with family and friends. All you need for a truly satisfying Easter.

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