Food Kit


Food Kit

Salty Liquorice Syrup
Syrup made from cane sugar, salmiak, liquorice and a touch of aniseed. It gives ice cream, desserts and sweet fruits a kick and can also be used for marinades and pastries. It tastes fantastic on top of a good blue cheese. 300 g

Sweet Liquorice Syrup
Syrup created from cane sugar, natural aniseed and liquorice. It really awakens your taste buds. The subtle undertone of scented aniseed makes a little syrup go a long way. Try it with ice cream, fresh fruit, smoothies or a wide range of desserts. With a little practice it also serves well in rye bread, pastry, marinades, cocktails and with cheese. 300 g

Raw Liquorice Powder
Raw liquorice from Persian liquorice roots – steamed, pressed and granulated. A mild yet intense liquorice flavour with a crispy and crunchy bite. Once it is on your shelf, it will seem indispensible – at least that is how it is perceived in the new Nordic kitchen. We think the whole world should know about this culinary phenomenon, a seasoning deserving of the same status as fennel and saffron. Find more inspiration on this page under recipes or share your own fabrications with us on Facebook. We would love that. 50 g

Fine Liquorice Powder
Pulverised raw liquorice from Israel liquorice roots that has been steamed and pressed. The taste is mild and aromatic, with a natural sweetness. It dissolves easily and can be used in fluids such as milk, coffee, oil, and also functions perfectly as a garnish on dessert or sprinkled in a sauce. Find more inspiration on this page under recipes or share your own fabrications with us on Facebook. We would love that. 45 g

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